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About Us


Monarch Hardwood Floors and Decks LLC is a company comprised of seasoned experts in the flooring product industry. Our primary mission is to deliver the highest-quality wood, waterproof flooring, and decking solutions to the market. 

Our vision at Monarch Hardwood Floors and Decks revolves around enhancing the quality of life for individuals through superior floor covering products. We are committed to not only producing top-tier flooring but also introducing products that make optimal use of our limited natural resources, thereby maximizing the precious treasures bestowed upon us by our motherland.

Through meticulous processes such as sorting, kiln drying, and manufacturing, Monarch Floors offers the most stable products available in the market. We spare no expense to ensure that our valued customers are free from the hassles of claims, enabling them to achieve the greatest possible return on their investment.

With European standard finishes and unmatched product stability, Monarch Floors guarantees ultimate customer satisfaction when it comes to their flooring purchases.

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